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High performance solutions, from modular rooflights to self-supporting skylights & vertical glazing

High levels of natural daylight are a ‘must-have’ feature in today’s high performance buildings.

Not only does natural daylight create more attractive, productive and healthy internal environments: it also lowers energy consumption and CO2 emissions by reducing the requirement for artificial lighting.

We offer a complete range of advanced, energy efficient daylighting solutions covering every kind of application, from small modular rooflights for domestic buildings and offices, to large custom-designed self-supporting skylights suitable for retail environments, factories, schools, hospitals and other public buildings. Typical configurations supplied by us are shown below.

High performance & versatility
• Complete range of glass & polycarbonate glazing options and configurations
• Class leading U-Values
• UK manufactured, using high quality EU sourced materials
• Fully compliant with all UK Building Regulations and relevant standards
• Natural ventilation options available
• Various access options available
• Installation by our own in-house teams under a fully managed quality control scheme

Industrial rooflight company 

commercial rooflight company

industrial rooflight company

Industrial and commercial roof skylights