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Natural Ventilation System Design

Lareine Engineering is a leading UK provider of natural comfort ventilation solutions for commercial, industrial and public buildings

Our five-strong design team brings together many years of expertise in ventilation design. As a Brakel Certified Partner (part of Kingspan Light+Air – we are also able to draw on the expertise and resources of this world leader in ventilation technology with headquarters in the Netherlands.

Our natural ventilation systems provide day-to-day comfort ventilation.

Our systems utilise automatic or manually operated windows and/or rooflights. Operation can range from simple open/close switching to fully integrated energy management system activated by automatic sensors.

Natural ventilation provides a highly energy-efficient solution with extremely low running and maintenance costs compared to powered or mechanical ventilation.

Natural ventilation in a typical residential apartment development

commercial natural ventilation system design

Residential apartment buildings  can be greatly enhanced by introducing high levels of daylight to public areas. They also present specific challenges for ventilation system design, with many dividing internal walls and high demands for safety, privacy and security of individual units.

1.  Louvred ventilators allow clean fresh air to be drawn in to replace stale air
2.  Roof ventilation terminal to exhaust stale air and fumes
3.  Central pyramid skylight delivers daylight to stairwell – with built-in AOV (automatic opening vent) panels for smoke ventilation is case of fire

Optimised internal climate brings operational benefits

Our natural ventilation solutions are appropriate for buildings serving a variety of sectors, including retail, commercial, educational, transport and manufacturing.

In addition to low running and maintenance costs, key benefits of effective natural ventilation include:

  • Improved wellbeing and increased productivity of building occupants
  • Improved environment for IT and production/manufacturing equipment, resulting in reduced maintenance costs
  • Pleasant internal environments support increased building usage and property values
  • Improved conditions for products and goods resulting in longer shelf life with fewer rejects

Tailored solutions based on proven technology and expertise

Lareine Engineering offers a turnkey service comprising initial consultancy, system design, engineering, installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance if required.

Our team has developed solutions of all types of buildings including schools and colleges, sports stadia, retail and commercial premises, hotels, residential buildings and others. Each building presents a unique challenge. Draw on our expertise for a solution that brings peace-of-mind.

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industrial natural ventilation system design

commercial natural ventilation system design

natural ventilation system design