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Smoke & natural ventilation: making internal environments safer and healthier

We offer a complete range of smoke & natural ventilation systems, providing effective, energy-efficient solutions for all kinds of buildings.

Natural ventilation is self-regulating and allows the building to breathe, with virtually no operational or maintenance costs – and with no fans, noise is never a problem. Our smoke ventilation solutions are also carefully designed to utilise natural thermal air movement to allow smoke to escape as quickly as possible in the event of fire.

Efficient solutions for buildings of every description
• Complete range of options and configurations for all building types
• Class leading U-Values
• UK or EU manufactured, using high quality EU sourced materials
• Fully compliant with all UK Building Regulations and relevant standards
• Installation by our own in-house teams or approved sub-contractors
• Smoke ventilators are CE marked and independently tested and certified to EN12101-2
• Control systems for Smoke & Natural Ventilation (EN 12101-10 controls when required)

We are UK application design & installation partners with leading global manufacturers of ventilation systems, Brakel and Innivate.