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Thursday 1 June 2017

Flat glass rooflights: the ideal, economical solution for daylighting in domestic and commercial buildings

The concept of modular rooflights for use on flat roofs became popular in the 1970 and 80s. Typically glazed with polycarbonate, usually thermoformed to create a dome or pyramid shape, these highly practical rooflights remain a popular choice for many applications. However...

…more recently the use of glass has become more widespread in modular rooflights, thanks to its outstanding aesthetic qualities, high light transmission, strength and long-term durability.

Today’s flat glass rooflights are recognised as providing the optimum combination of aesthetics, performance and value-for-money for the widest range of applications.

Lareine Engineering’s Mono Vision flat glass rooflights take the flat glass rooflight concept to a new level.

The  Mono Vision design features sSilicone-sealed glazing elements which remove the need for flashings and external cappings, giving a sleek, slimline look, both internally and externally – as well as maximising the viewing and daylight area.

The standard Mono Vision glazing specification comprises 6.0mm clear toughened outer pane/16mm air gap argon filled, 6.4mm Low ‘E’ laminate inner pane to give a centre pane ‘U’ value of 1.1 W/m²K and an overall 'U' Value of 1.4W/m²K. To British Standards BS EN 1279 parts 1 & 2. Other glass can be fitted if required to suit the requirements of the application.
Mono Vision rooflights are manufactured to meet all relevant standards for weather tightness, air permeability and water tightness and are classed as NON FRAGILE Class B to ACR(M)001.

Mono Vision rooflights can be specified as square or in custom sizes to meet your requirements. We can also provide circular, elliptical or irregular shaped rooflights if required.